Cashapillar Slot – Payout, Free Spins & Bonuses

Slot machines lead the fray in the casino circuit. Globally, they power casino demand, both online and offline. In fact, 70% of their earnings comes from the crowds that slot machines drive!

One such famous game, Cashapillar has been driving the crowds to the slot lines since being introduced in 2008. Why does Cashapillar have such an enduring following? For one, it established massive appeal as Microgaming’s first 100 pay-line slot machine game. The background story of Cashapillar is quite adorable – a caterpillar turns 100, and celebrates his birthday party!

Cashapillar Pokies Review


How to play Cashapillar

Starting from as low as 1¢ to 2¢, you can insert a maximum of 1000 coins on every turn you take on. The rewards are phenomenal -you can go home with six hundred thousand coins, or a hundred and twenty million dollars worth of earnings, just from the free spins you can score via the 2¢ coin. Indeed, it sounds like a catch.

About Cashapillar

The Cashapillar gives you 5 reels, and a massive 100 paylines. Many often play Cashapillar online – it’s an extremely affordable game; while you can come with light pockets, you should come prepared with hefty bags as the returns can be enormous.

Cashapillar Pokies Review2


For a slot machine, Cashapiller is visually well designed. You’ll almost get distracted from the wide array of slot machine symbols – a variety of insects and your brain will be whizzing, trying to literally connect the dots, trying to find a combo to score some of the promised wealth!

And, if jumping into the gambling arena is not your scene, you can choose to instead play a free version of the game online before putting money down on the tables.

Not only is there a full garden’s worth of insects, but you’ll have to keep your sharp eye out for others critters. Bugs, snails and beetles, in rich hues and sharp design whizz past your eyes. What’s even better is the ability to play it on expert mode – creating a comfortable, custom gaming style that suits you so you don’t get rushed or worn out.

Game Play

Keep an eye out for the Wild – it’s your best friend any time you complete a win. It will multiply the amount of money you earn, scoring you even more moolah!

Another symbol, the cake, will score you double win – but only when it appears with its twin. Keep an eye for three Cakes – you’ll be upgraded to check into the Cashapillar Bonus game. Indeed, Mr. Caterpillar is throwing more than a birthday party – it’s a bonanza!

In the Bonus Game, you get fifteen 15 spins – what’s more, all your wins are multiplied by 3! And, if the game logo pops up during any free turns you get on pay lines, those get multiplied by six! As you can see, the odds are definitely in your favor, and it’s more likely that Cashapillar will be the luckiest attempt at gambling you’ll ever take.

Even In your frenzy to win, win and win, you do not want to forget the winning combo furnishing the availability of playing a “black or red” gamble game – a win leads to more wins! In “black or red”, you can multiply your winning into two by merely taking a guess whether the card that turns over is black or red!

By now you will agree that attending Mr. Caterpillar’s birthday party was the best thing you could ever do.


More than its other offerings, the concept the “stacked wild” allows Cashapillar to stand apart from other slot machine games – it’s more than a game, every second is an adventure. With stacked wilds, your lucky ticket for a massive haul can appear vertically lined up. Further, when the wild substitutes to score you that elusive win, your rewards get doubled. You can score into two thousand coins in the base game, and three times that in the Free Spins – quite a chest of gold if you look at the few cents you’re spending! With these odds, millions of coins can be raining down on you soon. Just pull back the slots, and let Lady Luck work her magic!


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Free Spins

Software Microgaming
Volatility Medium Volatility
Paylines 100
Reels 5
Min Bet 0.01
Max Bet 0.1
Free Spins/ Multiplier Yes
Jackpot 1000
RTP 95.13%

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